Master Your Game: Tips, Tricks, and House Rules for the Ultimate Beer Darts Experience! 🎯

Beer Darts is more than a game; it's a sandbox of endless entertainment. You now have the basics—darts, cans, and boards—but don't let that limit your imagination. Unleash chaos, forge your own rules, and ignite the night with your unstoppable crew!

More Rules!

2 hits = Darts Back

Get another turn when you and your partner both hit!

Redemption Throws!

Empty can? Take one more turn after you lose. If you land a killshot- GRUDGE MATCH!

Minifig Mayhem!

  • Lego Archer: A sharpshooter companion that grants an extra toss for every turn, but beware – one hit will send him flying into the afterlife.

  • Kamikaze: When this explosive minifig his struck, the throwing team takes damage

  • Forfeit your entire turn or a "Darts Back" to revive your minifigure battalion


  • If the dart goes into the spout (and stays in!) that can is OUT.

  • If the dart punctures a hole at the bottom of the can, chug it!

USBDA Rulebook