How to Play
Beer Darts

Tired of the same old lawn games? Say hello to Beer Darts! A game that's perfect for both casual weekends and epic tailgate throwdowns.

Set Up

Opponents stand about 10 ft from one another with full beverages installed into their respective holders.

Players take turns lobbing a pair of missiles (darts included) at the other's can.


  1. A "dink" or destruction-less bounce off of the can results in one drink or sip.
  2. Punctures, naturally results in a small leak. Sip or chug until your can no longer hemorrhages.
  3. If the dart strikes the bullseye in the spout of a can, the owner and their drink are eliminated and must consume its remaining contents.

How to Win

Whether you are playing 2v2, 3v3, or Mono y Mono, when a can is emptied, it (and its owner) are eliminated!
Last team standing wins!

Check out the official Rulebook

Beer Darts Rules... or a quest for truth?

Beer Darts the game has been played for years, if not decades. We created a gadget that is making Beer Darts take off in a safer, more practical way. Our rules and tips are a mere suggestion to get you and your friends playing and to have the most fun doing it.

One of the best things about Beer Darts is making up new rules, even half-way through a game (ie when a dart sparks, everyone must drink!). We love playing with goofy, sharpie-customized backboards that taunt the other team with specific targets to make them "perform a dare," or "tell a truth" or even "max out their roth IRA" if they are struck. We believe that missing your shot should be just as fun as hitting the beer can! So, go forth and be creative with those backboards!

Getting hung up on the rules is a quick way to making the game less inclusive, so take our word for it: relax, take a sip of beer, and throw that dart with a modest lob, (not a laser.) The only rules that are really worth playing by are the Rule of Fun and the Rule of Cool. If you need an explanation on exactly how to do this, life will be your best teacher. Get out there and lob some missiles. It's sure to put a smile on your face. Once you have stopped smiling, it's time to stop and do something new.

- Jonathan, Co-Founder